Thursday, 27 September 2007

Week 13 - We have a date !!!!!

Annette called today to advise our PCI date is 25/10 with handover scheduled for 1 week later....YIPPEEEEEE !

Have to choose a new colour for our water tank as the one we chose has been discontinued. Also have to organise formal quotes for fences to be sent to our new neighbours. Need to get the driveway organised too.........

Bring it on !!!!!!

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Still high from the fumes........

Popped out to the house today and the painter was there. Great guy and is doing a fantastic job !!! He said he should be finished by about Wed or Thu next week, which means the tiler will be delayed until the following week *sigh*
We are really happy with the colours. The skirtings and doors are Wattyl "chalkdust" and the walls are Wattyl "scallopine". I am looking forward to seeing the outside colours come together. I don't know how the painters do it. The fumes were so strong !!!
The electricians made a nice mess of the rendering. Glad we don't have to fix it.

Got some fence quotes last week. Best was for $55 p/m, that includes capping. We also want Merbau horizontal slat gates on either side of the house, they will be $495 each including GST.....Everything just keeps on adding up, lol

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Week 12 - Painting has begun !!!!!!

Seems our new Super, Brett, has things happening without even knowing it, lol. I did a drive by of the house today and the front rendering has been done and the painters were inside working their little patooties off !!!! Brett didn't even know the rendering had been started let alone finished !

Finally some action !

Tiler is due to start Monday. Will get some pics over the weekend :)

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Week 11 - Super number 5 !!!!!!!!

Yes, you read correctly ! We are into our 11th week of building and have just been assigned our 5th superviser. I am so pissed right now it is not funny. PD are about to get some rather nasty correspondence from me.


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Floored !

Finalised our flooring today. Decided on these Quick-step boards. The colour is Natural Oak.

Somebody keep me away from the shops for a while, lol !!!!!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Week 10 - Sigh....

I am really disappointed with our bricks :( The austral homestead tan range seem to be lighter then they were previously. It bugs me everytime I see them. We did the right thing before we chose our bricks, checked out houses in progress etc......They are definately a shade lighter then they were when we began looking.

Checked out the house today and the window in the family room has been smashed, although nothing else in the house was damaged/touched which is very strange.......

Skirtings/architraves have been fully installed and the brickwork has been completed. Shelves have all be installed.

No photos as pics of shelves aren't too exciting, lol !!!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Mid-week ramble...........

Jase finally got to speak to our new Super this morning. We have a few issues, one being annoyance with his lack of communication. Anyhoo, we have a site visit scheduled for 6.45am (I kid you not :0) next week.

Painters are scheduled to start next Thurs and will take approx 3 days. Tiler will start as soon as the painters have finished. Super told Jase that we sould have our expected completion date by the end of next week. At the moment he estimates it should be by the end of Oct !!!!!!!

Some of the brickwork is rather sloppy so they are currently fixing it. There is also the issue of the missing bricks under the rumpus window.......

The bricks were cleaned yesterday, however they left the bricks where the render is going....hmmmmmmm

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Week 9 - Our elusive super

No pics this week as not much has happened since last week. Cornices have been finished and the skirtings and doors have been delivered. Handles have been fixed to the cabinets in the bathroom, ensuite and laundry.

Brickwork is still to be cleaned and finished under the rumpus room window

According to our CSR we are 1.5 weeks ahead of schedule.

We are still to hear from our new super..........