Wednesday, 27 June 2007


1. Rebate cheque from developer - yup
2. Confirmation from financier - yup
3. Building permits approved - yup
4. Signed, sealed and about to be delivered - YUP !!!!!!

Offical site start, "touch soil' date is July 4th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally we will see something physical.

WOO HOO.......

happy happy joy joy :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

You heard it here first, finally we have formal approval !!!!!!

Oh happy day !!!! We finally have formal approval so as soon as PD received their deposit from the land developer we can start building !! WOO HOO !!!!

It's terrible, the longer they take to start building the more I am stressing over all of our colour choices *sigh* I am sure it wil all come together nicely....

Hmmmmm, I wasn't so sick at the moment I would be popping the top off some bubbly tonight :)

Friday, 8 June 2007

and on and on it goes.......when will it stop? nobody knows....

After the stuff up with the first valuer, a second one was sent out on Thurs. Jase received a call from her saying she was at the block but where was the house ? Apparently she was not told by R**s that she needed to value a house that was to be contstructed and land. Therefore, she wanted to know if he had house plans etc...... He advisd her to contact R**s as they had everything and surely should have passed the info on the her that she required ??????

We have not heard anything further today and as Monday is a Public Holiday (bloody Queen) we will have to wait until at least Tues. We are nearly halfway through the month already !!!!

SOOOOOO FRUSTRATING *****grrrrrrrrr*****

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Far out brussel sprout !!!!!!

And so the R**s saga continues........They sent the valuer out to value the land today, only problem is the address they gave the valuer to value is the address of the property we are currently residing in, which is a rental !!!!!!!!! Why do the words moronic, hopeless, useless and crap come to mind whenever I think of them...Even the valuer was p*ssed......

And so the band plays on.......................