Sunday, 26 August 2007

Week 8 - whoa there !!!!!

After weeks so not much action we were totally suprised when we visited today. The brickwork is almost finished, the plastering has been done with the cornices delivered and just waiting to be put up. The cabinets have also been installed !!!!!!!! I am really happy with out colour choiced for all our cabinets. It is really beginning to feel like 'our house' !!!!!!!!

Also got to meet our new neighbour Tony (Uncle Ant) and his mum and kids. Tony's coffee making skills are Starbucks worthy. :)

I dedicate this lot of photos to Vanderlay :)

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Week 7 - So who's a nuffy ?

Hmmmm visited the house today, the brickwork is 1/3 complete, ceilings have been plastered and the plaster sheets for the walls are waiting. Insulation has been put in.

Got the camera out to take some snaps and the batttery died before I could get even one.....What a dufus !!!!

We are still without a super, the building manager is looking after us at the moment. Our house is now classified as a 'reverse build' - It is at lock up before the brickwork has been done. Now the brikcies and plasterers are working at the same time. We are running about a week behind which isn't too bad considering.

Might pop out and get some pics tomorrow depending on how much time I have.

We are very happy with the colours so far although I am still undecided about the frame colour on the windows and sliding doors, it looks good, just not 'perfect'......hmmmmm, I am just never happy, lol !

til next time, this is nuff nuff signing off !

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Week 6 - Knock Knock, who's there ?

Not many photos this week as not much 'visually exciting' stuff happened, lol !

Our front door has been installed, as have our beloved bi-folds.

The frame for the bath has also been installed.

Electrical wiring has been done. Our bricks and sand have also been delivered, ready for the brickies to start on Monday.

First inspection has been completed with not many things to rectify.

Life is good :)

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Week 5 - It's a wrap !

Happy happy joy joy......Roof tiles are on, windows are in and the house is wrapped up nice and warm in a green PD blankie :)

The electrician is booked in for early next week and the brickies are booked in to begin next Friday.

The front !

One of the boys bedrooms (house across the road ain't half bad either, lol )

The Laundry !
The family/dining just wating for the bi-folds !
My flash kitchen, lol !

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Drive by........

Okay, so I am a tad happier today :) Lachie and I did a drive-by this morning and 1/3 of the roof tiles were on already and the windows were being taken off the the truck, YIPPEEEE !!!!

Will grab some pics on the weekend.

Wayne our new supervisor also starts today so will be good to have a chat with him.